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You are absolutely limiting the lifetime, integrity and appearance of your deck if you follow conventional "wisdom" when cleaning and coating it. In addition, you are also wasting your valuable time and money with most retail deck products.

Traditional deck stains are merely temporary cosmetic applications. They just don't last. The best deck coatings, to be viable, should last a minimum of 3 years. Our product, when professionally applied by our team, lasts an average of 5 years before it needs a refresher coat.

Why do people believe that they have to restore the surface of their deck every couple of years and apply a fresh coat of sealer? Because 18-24 months is the maximum life expectancy of practically every deck stain out there! In addition they are given horrible advice by people in home improvement centers, lumber yards and various other outlets. The majority of these folks have little or no experience with cleaning and sealing exterior wood surfaces!

Our decks last the best because we became dedicated to finding a solution. Over many years we have researched and pinpointed the major causes of premature deck failure and now with confidence can say we have found that solution.

In a nutshell, it boils down to our three P's...


How many times have you heard a painter say that preparation is key? Since decks are horizontal surfaces, they hold water, snow and dew for longer periods of time, which accelerates damage. The extra dampness attracts dirt, mildew and pollution from the air. Flat deck surfaces also take on 40 to 50 percent more U.V. radiation from sunlight than the vertical surfaces. Because of this increased stress, proper preparation is absolutely critical to obtain the best results possible.


 Without the proper product you are at the least wasting your time and money and at the worst potentially messing it up to the point where it will never look good again. Also, it should be noted that many deck cleaner products available for sale contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach). Did you know that sodium hypochlorite is used in the paper mills to help reduce wood to pulp?! Chlorine bleach destroys wood fibers and destroys wood color. It is also harmful to surrounding vegetation. If not thoroughly rinsed (and how do you really know) it will prevent the deck stain from properly penetrating into the wood. Avoid these products if you want the best long lasting results.


Every deck is different. That's why it is so important to have an expert determine the proper procedure for long lasting results that look great. Differences include age and type of wood, exposure to the sun and rain, previous coatings applied, as well as other factors. Cedar decks are particularly prone to failure unless you know what you're doing. Once these factors are determined, a careful process of cleaning, drying and applying the final coat is followed. Each step has specific guidelines which results in a great looking job with the best long lasting results.

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Deck Care Secrets for Long Lasting Results

DO NOT apply deck stain / sealers that can be applied through a garden pump sprayer. They are too thinned down and don't offer enough ingredients for lasting results. (By the way, this includes almost every deck stain/sealer available)

DO NOT apply deck stain / sealers that are one-coat-only or wet-on-wet applications. These are either non-drying or semi-drying products that resist additional future coats of both themselves and other products.

DO NOT apply deck stain / sealers that contain silicone or epoxy. They do not last on exterior wood.

For the best long-term results, experts now say a new deck should be properly prepared and sealed / stained after 30 days. Beyond that time, the sooner the better. Source
Our deck stain / sealer can be applied to new wood with tremendous results after a 30 day stabilization/drying period.
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